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Jigglypuff: the Tay Zonday Pokemon.
When this Pokémon sings, it never turns away from the microphone. If it is in a battle against an opponent that does not easily fall asleep, Jigglypuff cannot breathe, endangering its life.

Also, me and my friend started making a band on Rock Band. Comprised entirely of Pokemon. Drummer is Weavile, guitarist is Gardevoir, and bassist is Rhyperior. It will potentially have Clefable as a singer. And obviously, it needs two more characters to have a full party. Machoke shouldn't be hard. Maybe Jynx. I don't know exactly, but I'll figure it out.

Rhyperior used Hammer On! It's super effective! Rhyperior's speed fell!

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OH NOES... PASS!!!one

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What if love?
Maybe don't hurt me.
Don't hurt me?
Oh sure.

Also, there is a site that may have content soon that I am helping to run. It is on the stupid Google Apps thing which is suck. BUT THE SITE WILL BE AWESOME WHEN THE CONTENT IS THERE ZOMG YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT AND BOOKMARK IT RITE NOW GUYZ!!!

The Wailord says... WHONK!

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im in ur jurnal, edtn ur potz

Edit: ...I should not have left myself logged in on your computer...

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List of people who can/can't beat Harry Potter:

The Flash - yes
The Martian Manhunter - yes
Most Pokémon - yes
Ash and his Pokémon - no
Goku - yes
Unicron - yes
Captain Falcon - no
Edward Elrich - yes
Batman - yes
Superman - yes
Coach Z - no
Bobobo - yes
Galakticus - yes
Ba'al - yes
King of All Cosmos - yes
Major Television Event - maybe
Venom - Yes
Cervantes - yes
Yoshimitsu - yes
Link - yes
Kirby - no, but the fight would be sooooo cute
Wailord - no; he is tooooooo big to beat Harry Potter
Joseph Stalin - no
Megaman - yes
X - no
Darth Vader - yes
Professor Xavier - yes
Mua'dib - yes; he would not fight until he already knew he could win
The Red Hot Chili Peppers - no
The Witching Sisters (or whatever that band from Harry Potter was) - yes
Shino (from Naruto) - yes
Satan - yes
Jesus - yes; he would heal Harry's scar/angst
An Eva - yes
The U.S.S. Enterprise - yes
R2D2 - yes
C3PO - no
Indiana Jones - yes
Rambo - yes
Thor (Norse Mythology)- yes
Thor (Marvel) - yes
Thor (Stargate) - yes; but only with items turned on; he is possibly the only person Harry could beat in physical combat
Hephaestus - no; cripple lol
Quetzalcoatl - yes
A Dragon - yes; in the books he only stole an egg
Audrey II - no
Gordito - yes
Mario - no; he's a frickin' plumber
Samurai Jack - yes
Sailor Moon - yes
Lain - yes; but it'd be REALLY angsty
Samus - no
Ice Climbers - probably not; but if he stuns Nana, Popo might have time to freeze him
Ganondorf - yes
Ulala - maybe
Mr. Gameandwatch - yes? is he high enough resolution to be affected by spells?
Sephiroth - I don't know how I feel about this one
Bakura - yes
Marik - no; Harry resists mind control
Pegasus - no
Gigantor - yes
Mr. T - yes
The Pit of Sarlaac - yes
Ness - yes
Lucas - you fuckin' clone
Britney Spears - no
Gimli - no, but I'd root for him
Sauron - yes
The One Ring - yes; Harry is EXACTLY the sort of person who would be corrupted by it
Ruri - yes if she has the Nadesico / they are on it
Excel Excel - yes
Sonic - yes
Dr. Eggman - no
Osaka - no
Ixli - yes
Kurama - yes
Spike - yes; he is quick enough on the draw
Scooter (from Ribbit King) - no
The entire cast of Hamtaro as one unit - no
A Battle Droid - no
The Separatist Army - yes
A Horse - no
Shadowfax - yes
Little Red Riding Hood - no
Dracula - no
Vampire Hunter D. - no
Trout Fishing in America - no
Renfield - no
Jon von Hellsing (Van Hellsing as played by Jon Bon Jovi) - no
Sweeney Tod - no
Scar (FMA) - yes
Scar (The Lion King) - no
A Katamari - yes; maybe not Ron, since he learned to apparate
Neville Longbottom - yes
Molly Weasley - yes
Most of the Cast of Harry Potter - yes
Tabuu - yes
Master Hand - yes?
Beowulf (epic poem) - yes; his manliness repels magic
Beowulf (movie) - no; what a girly man
Hrothgar - no
He-Man - no
Hulk Hogan - no
Hulk Hogan in a Santa Costume - no
Hercules - yes
Hercule - no
Space Tofu - no
Wheat - no; it's just a plant
The year 2525 - yes, if mankind is still alive / woman can survive
Wikipedia - yes
Ryan North - yes
Dinosaurs - yes
Fictional Jimbo Wales - yes
Shindo Hikaru (Hikaru no Go) - no
Ford Explorer - no
Spock, the Rock, and Doc Ock - as a team, yes
Chuck Norris - no
The Kids In America - yes; in time, Harry would wear down. There are a lot of us.
The Bloodhound Gang - no
The Human Torch - maybe; he's definitely faster, but he does have to charge
The Human Torch holding a power herb - yes
Sylar - yes; he'd telekinetically pin Harry to the wall, then chop of the top of his skull and eat his brain - lol
Dr. House - no
JD - no
The entire cast of Scrubs - probably not
The Blob - yes
John Stewart - no
Stephen Colbert - JUST MAYBE!
Killer Tomatoes - yes
The Body Snatchers - yes
THEM! - yes
Frankenstein - no
Frankenstein's Monster - no
Your Mom - sexy
Dr. Who - probably
Iron Man (comics) - yes; reducto would remove suit, then Terry Stark takes him out
Iron Man (song) - yes
Iron Giant - no; he is not a gun
Tinkerbell - no
Curious George - maybe; if curious george starts the fight, he can get the wand
John Lennon - yes; all he needs is love to do it (also, all harry has is love)
Vladimir Lenin - no
Karl Marx - no
Groucho Marx - yes
Sylvia Plath - no; she would just kill herself
J. K. Rowling - epic (I created you! And I can control you! You're not the boss of me!)
Pinocchio - no
Black Mage - yes
The Major (GITS) - yes
A Tachikoma - yes
Ninja (Ask a Ninja) - yes
William Shatner - yes (ZOMG, even HE can out-act Harry Potter!)
Great Will of the Macrocosm - yes
Metallica - probably
KISS - yes
James Bond - no
Seaking - FUCK YEAH!
4chan - yes; recent evidence shows they CAN in fact, organize
An Overdose - he died from it
Gaara - yes
Death - no
Obamasnow - no; this thing weak to too many types
Sebulba - yes
Charade - huh??? how the hell is he affected by spells?
The Hulk - yes; he's pretty immune to just about everything
A Kitty Cat - no
Billy and Mandy - yes; Harry could beat Billy, but not Mandy
Jaws - yes
E.T. - no
Godzilla - yes
Phoenix Wright - no
The Terminator - yes
Freddy Krueger - Possibly

Gandalf vs Dumbledore - awesome

Me and truexthefourth's dog - yes. His dog looks like Snuffles, so Harry would have to have an angst fit, and then I could hit him on the head and take his wand and glasses and dance around him going "I'm Harry Potter!" in a stupid British accent. The dog might actually beat me to this.

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Turkey dinner is turkey.

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So I was having one of my old war flashbacks, and I was all like, I remember back in 'Nam Nam nam nom nom nom nom. I'm hungry.

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Seriously man, what the heck is with that shit?

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Q: What is love?

A: Baby don't hurt me.

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In Soviet Russia, YOU are a winner!

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